Community Workshops

We provide free community workshops for Mission and Abbotsford residents. Workshops will be held at our Abbotsford Depot location (33670 Valley Rd), unless otherwise stated. Workshops will be available from March until October.

Any applicable fees for the workshops will cover any materials you will need to fully engage in these educational, fun, and interactive workshops!

Please see the form below for more information on each workshop, dates & times, and any fees.


The workshops listed below are educational classes centered around environmental issues, composting, and waste reduction. Offered to all residents of Abbotsford and Mission.

Backyard Composting—Free!

Participants will learn the basics of backyard composting, how to build a compost bin, proper maintenance, and resolve common issues. We will also touch on the concept of patio composting for those with small spaces. No materials required!

1 hour long, on-site

Water Conservation—Free!

Participants will learn the importance of water conservation and the challenges we continue to face every summer. Workshop will include a how-to on rain barrels.

1 hour long, on-site.

Sort It!—Free!

Participants will experience a fun class centered around a society that creates too much waste, proper recycling practices and how to sort it! Workshop will include a fun, interactive game to test what you’ve learned.

1 hour long workshop, on-site.

Worm Composting—$35

Participants will learn the basics of worm composting including how to build a worm bin, proper maintenance, and resolve common issues. Fee includes all materials required to get started: worms, bin, and bedding material. Open to residents of Abbotsford and Mission.

1 hour interactive workshop, on-site.


The classes outlined below will teach participants about a number of environmental issues including local case studies, why they happen, and how we can help to stop them.

Pollution: How Bad Habits Are Changing Our Climate

Participants will learn a variety of topics in relation to pollution and how they are effecting our lives.

1 hour evening class 4:30 pm — 5:30 pm

Resource Consumption & Management

This course will cover our consumption habits of finite resources and how we can curb these habits

1 hour evening class, 4:30 pm — 5:30 pm

Floods, Fires, & Drought, Oh My!

This course takes a more in-depth look at our local environment, current issues, and why they happen.

1 hour evening class, 4:30 pm — 5:30 pm

**All workshops can be taught to groups (Min. 10 people) at a location of choice upon request**

To request a workshop, please use the form below to inquire about available dates.

For more information about the Community Education Program and our available workshops & courses, please contact us.

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