The Recycling Program accepts small appliances as part of the CESA ElectroRecycle Program and large appliances as part of the MARR Program. Appliances must be dropped off at the Abbotsford or Mission Locations.

Accepted Appliances

  • NEW! Refrigerators
  • NEW! Freezers
  • NEW! Air Conditioners
  • NEW! Water Coolers
  • NEW! Dehumidifiers
  • Kitchen Countertop- Motorized Appliances
  • Kitchen Countertop- Heating Appliances
  • Kitchen Countertop- Beverage Appliances
  • Countertop Microwave Ovens
  • Time Measurement and Display Devices
  • Weight Measurement Devices
  • Garment Care Appliances
  • Air Treatment Appliances
  • Full-size Floor Cleaning Appliances
  • Small Floor/Surface Cleaning Appliances
  • Personal Care Appliances
  • Power Tools
  • Sewing/Textile Equipment and Devices
  • Electronic Exercise Equipment and Machines
  • Electronic Arts and Crafts/Hobby Devices (woodburner pen, rock tumbler, screen printing, airbrush)

Appliances Not Accepted:

  • Ammonia Refrigeration Appliances (industrial refrigerators) 

Please contact us to make special arrangements for business loads or large quantities of product

Please visit the CESA ElectroRecycle website for more information on the Small Appliance & Electric Tool Recycling Program.

Please visit the Major Recycling Roundtable (MARR) website for more information on the Major Appliance Recycling Program. 


Other items accepted at drop off locations: